Inappropriate Soundtracks

There’s a semi-subculture on the internet dedicated to making what are called “inappropriate soundtracks”. Basically, you take a clip from a movie and replace the background music with something totally inappropriate to the scene.

“Like a music video, right?”
No, not really. Basically, an inappropriate soundtrack tries to elicit a reaction that’s contradictory to the intended feeling of a specific scene from a film through juxtaposition of music and video content, all the while making it appear that the music is part of the film’s actual sound mix. Playing editor god, so to speak.

A good use of an “inappropriate soundtrack” will have the content of the song match the video, yet strike a completely wrong tone. Likewise, the two can have similar tonal approaches, but the content of the song expresses the exact opposite of the actions in the video. Also, it should be fairly (if not highly) offensive, but that’s a not a requirement.

For an example, you can just watch the one I made recently….
[click here to see the recommended high quality version]

“Hey, wait a minute…. Was this post simply a roundabout way of showing off some stupid video you made the night before while giving no insightful content whatsoever?”
Yes. Yes, it was. If you’d like to register a complaint, please click [here].


2 Responses to Inappropriate Soundtracks

  1. Pagesmith says:


  2. Darby says:

    Better yet, folks should check out my personal fav, done to the movie The Elephant Man, and/or subscribe to the Boonehams YouTube entries:

    I took your shameless self-promotion, and did you TWO, count them, TWO, better. Boo-yah!

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