We’re Going Down!

So all of the United States is talking about about our governor. Everyone in Illinois, however, is talking about how awful the roads are and how terrible the weather has been. Why? Because our LEGO-headed governor being a corrupt douchebag is not news to us. I was seriously surprised to not see this headline in the local papers:

Our state hemorrhages money like there’s no tomorrow. We pay taxes out our asses, but do we see results? No. Never. In fact, it came out recently that they’re not doing any preventive plowing (plowing before the baddest parts of snowstorm have hit) or salting the streets where I live because it’s too costly.
Excuse me? I pay enormous amounts of city taxes, sales taxes (the highest in the whole country), state taxes, road tolls, and I even pay for those stupid city stickers so the state can run efficiently and make my life easier. Now they say they won’t even freaking plow the streets in a productive manner because it’s expensive? I’m sorry, but when you have record highs for both automobile accidents and snowfall in a single day and it takes someone (me) an hour and a half to drive three miles, you should pony up a few bucks to get the damn streets plowed. It’s ridiculous.

After living in this state for several years and seeing the administrative incompetence in how money is distributed through our local government, I’m beginning to see Rush Limbaugh’s perspective on the political slur of Tax-and-Spendocrats.

But I didn’t come here to bitch. (“Too late.”) I came here to brag about fulfilling a dream I never knew I had.

Cinematic Titanic, Joel Hodgson’s latest pet project, is coming to perform LIVE in Chicago, and I have tickets to go tomorrow. Jealous? I thought so. *upturns nose, walks away*


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