Now that’s what I call muzak!

Songsmith is a new Microsoft program that allows the musically deficient to make shitty music — just like the professionals! Basically, you record yourself singing, the program reads your vocal track, checks for changes in pitch and rhythm and then places the recording on top of crappy instrumentals to make it sound like you’re being backed by a real, live computer. Er, I mean, band. Yes… band.

To be honest, it’s a lot more sophisticated than I am giving it credit for. Even though it sounds washed out and completely synthetic, the accompaniment at least changes with the vocals correctly and sounds (kind of) like it belongs. However, you have to take the backing music that it gives you, regardless of what you were going for and wanted.

So now us plebs without talent can sound like we’re in a band… but what about those who are already part of a band? What sort of accompaniment would Songsmith give an already popular song by an established musician? Well, kiddos, it appears the good denizens of the internet are providing the answer to that question, as people are uploading Songsmith-ified music videos onto YouTube.

Let’s have a listen to what pop music sounds like in Hell, shall we?

It appears that, in an alternate universe, The Go-Go’s are a popular calypso band. They certainly do have the beat, don’t they?

Apparently, Billy Idol is the voice of a generation… that enjoys bluegrass.

Motörhead’s tearful country-western ballad “Ace of Spades” swept the Grammys on Bizzaro Earth.

And now, I present the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time….

When you hear the name “Ozzy Osbourne,” do you immediately think of “polka?” You will now.

And because I have to follow the crowd, here’s the Songsmith version of “Never Gonna Give You Up” by the incomparable Rick Astley. Please enjoy this even crappier rendition of one of the crappiest songs ever.


5 Responses to Now that’s what I call muzak!

  1. Darby says:

    Two things. One – I really really really REALLY hope Ozzy Osbourne finds out about that polka rendition of Crazy Train.

    Two – Does this mean Weird Al Yankovic is out of a job?

    I know what he does is far more skillful than this software, but it does offer a bit of competition in terms of mocking well-known songs.

  2. Cat says:

    And this is why I’m not worried about a robot invasion anytime soon.

  3. Page Smith says:

    You do realize that poor Randy Rhoads is going to rise from the dead to throttle you and everyone else involved in this travesty? Then again, this does prove that “Crazy Train” is not really much of a song without him… so you might live to see another day.

    Can Songsmith do a Swing version of Type O Negative?

    Thanks, Boone! Great post.

  4. vein says:

    OMG thats horribly hilarious

  5. Boone says:

    Darby: I think Weird Al has nothing to fear. After all, Yankovic already knows his way around computers.

    Cat: According to the Terminator films, it’s ALREADY HAPPENING.

    Page: Even if Randy Rhoads does rise from his grave to exact revenge, I don’t think we have anything to fear — he already spun in his grave so much that he drilled himself to China. Good luck getting a passport back to come get us, zombie guitar man!

    And I never knew that you were familiar with Type O Negative. I guess the axiom’s true — you really do learn something new everyday.

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