Montana’s Advertising

While I was at Union Station a couple days ago, I saw a poster advertising Montana… for vacationing reasons, I suppose. If you’d like to see the poster yourself, it’s hanging over the escalators at the Adams Street entrance. For those who can’t come to Chicago’s Union Station just to see a stupid poster, I’ll describe it to you.

The poster is of an idyllic scene in the middle of a wooded glen; a buffalo drinks from a river undisturbed as the sun slowly sets behind the creature. Words off to the side of the image say:

CON: Not many people come here.
PRO: Not many people come here.

I guess you could say it’s clever, but if you want to target Chicagoans, you’re going about it the wrong way, Imaginary Marketing Person whom I am pretending to direct this blog post to. If you want my opinion — and you do — I think you should gear your marketing more towards what Chicagoans would love most about Montana. Here’s what I propose for the poster instead:


Much better, don’t you think? Watch the tourism skyrocket with this baby in place.


If it was 1996, this would’ve been the proposed poster: [click here]


2 Responses to Montana’s Advertising

  1. David says:

    Love it.

  2. Darby says:

    Dude, you’re hired.

    That’s what they should tell you. I think their marketing people have never been outside the state, so they think being anti-social and people-hating doesn’t just attract celebrities, but fun-loving, free-spending tourists, too. Bzzz, wrong.

    People LEAVE rural places ON PURPOSE to be in cities. Okay, yeah, it isn’t perfect, but without other human beings, often, there’s nothing to do, or buy, and no jobs. Counting on “city folk” to hate their choice to live in a city is a bit of a gamble.

    Your campaign is much better. And it could include a mention of how cheap things are there (but don’t tell anyone they’ll have to sell a child to afford flying to Montana). I think they should also stick with selling people on skiing, white water rafting, national parks, etc. It isn’t much, but that’s all they have.

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