The House on the Rock: In a Nutshell

I recently went on a trip to visit The House on the Rock in scenic Spring Green, Wisconsin. I made this video to illustrate my thoughts on it. Enjoy.

If you would like more information concerning The House on the Rock, please consult Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and the music video for More Than This by the band 10,000 Maniacs.


3 Responses to The House on the Rock: In a Nutshell

  1. Page Smith says:

    Just upholster that entire contraption with dusty red carpet, add lots and lots of red plastic-covered lights, add a dash of gratuitous nudity that would be difficult to explain to children, and… yes, that sums it up quite well!

    And was it just me or was the drum beat just that little bit off? 😉

  2. Page Smith says:

    Holy cats! I didn’t realize that 10,000 Maniacs video was filmed at House on the Rock. I bow to the cultural knowledge of The Great Boone.

    However, the video didn’t capture any of the horror. That’s rather disappointing. And you can tell the band isn’t a regular feature at the House, or the caretakers would have taken her shirt off.

    I’m just sayin’.

  3. mspotter27 says:

    HonR…explains what diet of only beer and cheese can do to one’s brain, with a side of smoked sausage.

    I laughed hard when you said you almost missed the cannon.

    My favorite though, were the plastic crown jewels and all the international tourists madly taking pictures of them.

    I’m so proud to be a ‘cheesehead’.

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